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β™‘Sashi Kitten Μ³ αŸ±α†ΊαŸ± Μ³ ∫

πŸŽ€ heady empty, no think, just cute πŸŽ€

πŸŽ€ This is still very much under construction BUT I've hidden little easter eggs throughout here! Have fun clicking around and seeing where they will lead ya to! °ʚ(*Β΄κ’³`*)ɞ° πŸŽ€

these are my sweet babie angels!


Favorite Mangas/Animes!πŸŽ€ JoJo's Bizzare Adventures πŸŽ€ Hunter x Hunter πŸŽ€ Demon Slayer πŸŽ€ Chainsawman πŸŽ€ My Dress-Up Darling πŸŽ€ Death Note πŸŽ€ Chi's Sweet Home πŸŽ€ Tokyo Ghoul πŸŽ€ Nana πŸŽ€ Sailor Moon πŸŽ€ Paradise Kiss πŸŽ€ One Punch Man πŸŽ€ Attack on Titan πŸŽ€ My Love Story!! πŸŽ€ Devilman Crybaby πŸŽ€ Jujutsu Kaisen πŸŽ€ Fruits Basket πŸŽ€ Cardcaptur SakuraπŸŽ€ Ouran High School Host Club πŸŽ€ Yu YU Hakusho πŸŽ€ One Piece πŸŽ€

Blinking Hello Kitty Angel